Jan. 5, 2018


Developing a site has become really easy which is due to the availability of Themes and online support. The WordPress Portfolio themes provides ample of options for the developer to choose from. There are thousand such themes and most of them are free to download and free to use. The fact that there are so many option is the main reason why developers get confused. They often get overwhelmed about selecting one over the other. The features that would help the developer choose the right WordPress Portfolio themes are listed below. 

Responsiveness:- This one is not an option anymore and thus goes as the first one on the list. The effective WordPress theme should be decided based on the responsiveness. The WordPress Portfolio themes have various layouts they should be flexible to fit the screen of different devices being used these days. Higher number of traffic has moved to mobile phones and thus the site should be made to fit the small screen. The SEO ranking is also dependent n the sites responsiveness.

Simplicity:- The WordPress Portfolio themes are of course loaded with options of color, layouts, animations and what not. The site developers must as much as possible should keep close to simplicity. There is no way better to attract the visitor than keeping it low key. There are sometimes that some sites might require flashy and attractive content but simple styles and designs works wonders in more than 80% of the cases. The presentation style when is overly complicated it make the visitor move away to another site.

Browser compatibility: - The different browsers that are used by different users makes it important that the theme has high compatibility. The developers often work things on one popular browser and the thing might be broken on the other browser. In such cases when the site does not respond it lose credibility. It is best to test the site on Safari, Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc. Fix the issue if they arise to ensure 100 accessibility of the site through any medium possible.

Multilingual and Language Translation:- The WordPress Portfolio themes should be able to adjust to the language chosen by the reader. It is more of a plug-in and technical feature which is highly required by the viewers. Since business has crossed the national boundaries and with the help on internet reached foreign location having a multilingual site is common. It goes for any other site as well which is not particularly for business. These features should be a great deciding factor for developers who have such plan in the future. The theme should be translation ready and have supporting features so that the functionality is not affected.

Plug-in:- This one is common yet a very important features. The WordPress Portfolio themes should support various plug-ins so that the websites can be changed to provide dramatic effects. The themes should be compatible with popular plug-ins and should provide higher and greater results with the use of them. The site should not be loaded with plug-in though but fairly chosen and strategically placed plug-ins will influence the site performance positively.

Support options: - This one is very important. The WordPress Portfolio themes are mostly free to use and quick to download the question and queries start when one plans to use them. While developing the site many issues can crop up which can be solved only with the help of a support group? Choose the ones which provide suitable support at the time of distress.
When you are keeping your eye on all these features it is less likely that you will make mistakes with finding the right theme.

Oct. 18, 2017


Even if you are an experienced WordPress user there may be times when you should off focus on the mission core or your business and outsourcing some development work that may be essential to do. Outsourcing WordPress work involves huge risks. If you do outsourcing of development attempts to any company or freelancer with your objectives then you may reap benefits of a product that may create a powerful online web presence online. Top WordPress themes can help you well in this task. However if you proceed in the wrong direction then you may end up being stuck. In this post we are telling you how to outsource best WordPress developer.

Here we are going to discuss some tips that would help you in outsourcing the best WordPress developer :-
1) Tip 1
Before you start the task of outsourcing WordPress to any web developer you should clearly tell him about your mission and online business to the web development team. It is indeed your responsibility to ensure as much as possible that every person should know why you are into this business. You should desire the development team to know about your mission so that the team members can keep this mission in their minds. This is exactly how you want developers think as they know about your mission.

2) Tip 2
It is not only essential that you make sure explaining your mission to the development team. You should also make a crystal clear job description that properly explains the need of your WordPress Themes development. For this purpose you have to start explaining a set of crystal clear goals and how their functionality can be tested. Then you can set a budget for the development task so that the team may know if the work is worth the income. Finally you will have to allot a time deadline to the team when is the product expected to get complete.
When you create or write a job description, then tell what you require from functionality or usability without getting stuck in that technology that’s needed. You are outsourcing work so that you may not need to focus on these kinds of details. The development team will make suggestion regarding the best technology needed to complete the allotted job. Just explain the team about your needs and let the team decide about the best tools to be used. Finally you should not overburden the development team with unnecessary information and instructions. They people to whom you are outsourcing work do not require hearing what external problems your business is facing, office politics and other issues. Just keep the team focused on the efforts of development.

3) Tip 3
While outsourcing WordPress work just keep in mind to communicate with your development team in an effective way. Once you have clearly explained your mission and goals clearly for the development task then you should be prompt in giving response to queries. It is not likely that you are going to answer each and every query. On the other if your WordPress themes development team reaches you with a query about the project given to it then you should answer it quickly as soon as possible.

Today most business professionals are allotting website development work to offshore web developers. This process is called outsourcing. If you are one among them then outsource work to them in such a way so that your web based mission gets completed in a proper way. You will need to follow some tips while thinking to outsource WordPress work to web developers. We can help you in this task.